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Patient data comes in many different formats from hospitals and providers. Clinical data, billing and medical device information must pass through a variety of disparate systems including EHR and EMRs, medical devices and other external third-party vendors. To achieve healthcare interoperability, this data must be integrated to flow smoothly and reliably between systems. Creating effective healthcare IT solutions is a difficult challenge to navigate without a technical background and practical experience in the field.

Saga has the domain knowledge to guide you through your next endeavor. Our healthcare IT services team members are some of the top innovators in the field and will ensure your organization achieves real healthcare interoperability.

From inception to go-live we manage projects pro-actively, alleviating the pressure on our clients. Saga HL7 integration consultants work closely with third-party vendors, hospital staff and internal business stakeholders.

In today's ever-changing healthcare landscape, it is vital to stay in tune with initiatives (such as Meaningful Use) as well as larger trends in web application development, data modeling and other applicable areas. Our focus on technology and innovation sets us apart from other healthcare IT companies, allowing us to integrate demographics, results, genomics and more with cutting-edge solutions that deliver not only in the short-term but endure into the future.

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HL7 Consulting ServicesHL7 is the most popular standard for data exchange across the healthcare industry and includes a variety of versions (HL7 v2, HL7 v3, CDA, FHIR) and message types (ADT, ORU, ORM, etc). Interface engines facilitate the creation and exchange of HL7 messages and share a common set of functionality, including the capability to establish incoming and outgoing connections and transform data between formats as needed.

Finding a trusted healthcare IT consulting partner can be a difficult challenge. Saga provides complete HL7 consulting and interface engineering services. If you're looking for an HL7 consultant, Saga has the expertise to guide you to a solution tailored to your specific business and implementation needs.

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The newest standard from the HL7 organization provides powerful tools to facilitate healthcare interoperability. Saga has worked extensively with FHIR and completed implementations for multiple clients. Learn more about FHIR and how it fits into your HIT roadmap.

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Our team is experienced with many of the industry leading EHRs. No matter the product or scope of your project we're ready to help you achieve your mission. We provide complete EHR consulting services.

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