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The Liferay platform has a large and flexible built-in feature set enabling rapid development of applications meeting a wide variety of business needs. Saga offers full-stack Liferay development, architecture, systems administration and cloud hosting. From fast prototyping to enterprise level deployments, Saga takes an agile and innovate approach to developement to support our clients and meet their specific business needs.

What types of projects has Saga implemented with Liferay in the past?

Since 2006, we've used the Liferay platform to build online communities, company intranets, portals, and more for hundreds of clients across a variety of verticals including the healthcare, government and private sectors. Applications such as:

  • Intranets and Community Collaboration
  • Document Management and Workflows
  • Content Management

Saga Liferay developers rapidly build sophisticated applications utilizing the many out of the box features and extending Liferay with custom portlets, hooks and themes. Our Liferay architecture and custom enhancements create applications that will seamlessly integrate with your organization's existing infrastructure.

Can Saga support legacy applications running older versions of Liferay?

We've worked with Liferay since its initial release and have hundreds of successful implementations across a variety of versions. When other teams have failed, we have stepped in successfully to support legacy applications with services including maintenance, upgrades and enhancements.

Liferay Consulting Services

  • Full Stack Development
  • Portal Implementation
  • Custom Portlet Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Liferay UI and UX modification
  • Liferay Hooks
  • Architecture and DevOps

Liferay Cloud Solutions

Create robust and scalable solutions utilizing cloud provider apis and services. Offerings like S3, Cloudwatch, and RDS can be utilized to build fault tolerant cloud-scale Liferay deloyments that are easy to manage and monitor.

  • Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud


Saga is diligent in staying up to date on security best practices. We implement and maintain systems that adhere to stringent FedRAMP and HIPAA compliant regulations.

  • Active Monitoring
  • Audit Logs
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery

Liferay Hosting

  • Saga offers securely managed Liferay hosting.
  • Our Liferay hosting solutions can scale dynamically to meet your workload requirements.

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