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Medical device technology is evolving at a fast pace and healthcare data interoperability is an important step in improving patient care. There is a vast quantity of data flowing from a variety of devices, including point-of-care testing (POCT) such as glucose meters and blood analyzers, heart rate monitors, and more. When these sources of data are integrated with effective tools and external systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), they can provide real-time analysis, analytics and continuity of care.

HL7 integration bridges the gap between medical devices and hospital information systems such as EMRs and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Integrated medical devices with result data flowing properly into hospital information systems (HIS) and other downstream systems creates new opportunities for healthcare providers, medical device companies and healthcare IT companies for scheduling, billing accuracy and improving patient care.

Saga provides expert consulting services in all the areas vital to achieve medical device integration (MDI):

  • Healthcare Interoperability and HL7 Interface Engineering
  • Data Modeling
  • Web Application Development
  • Security and HIPAA Compliance
  • Training and Support

In-house teams of engineers often lack important experience in healthcare interoperability making it a daunting task and difficult to get right the first time.

We work closely with development teams, business stakeholders and hospital staff to create healthcare IT integration solutions tailored to meet business needs. Augment your team with essential tools and knowledge, contact a Saga representative with your project details.

Saga Medical Device Integration Consulting Services

  • Fast Prototyping
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Intuitive User Experience (UX) and Innovative User Interfaces (UI)
  • Cloud Hosting
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Azure
    • OpenStack
  • HIPAA Compliance

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